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Advanced JavaScript Compression

Advanced JavaScript Compression

JavasScript minification made easy

Load Pages up to 80% Faster

Load Pages up to 80% Faster

Decrease webpage load times and hosting bills

As Yahoo! explains, speeding up your website takes many procedures, a broad knowledge of programming and the use of Firebug. If all the “speed boosting” methods sound a bit complicated, don’t worry; JavaScript Compression has the largest impact on webpage performance, and all you need to compress your code is the tool on this page. Additionally, you can rest assured when compressing even your most proprietary JavaScript, because this tool will never cache any JavaScript that you submit to it.

What is Minifying JavaScript?


Simple - to compress the JavaScript code so it loads faster

Minification is the practice of removing unnecessary characters from code to reduce its size, thus improving load times. When JavaScript/CSS code is minified all comments are usually removed, as well as unneeded "white space" characters like space, new line, and tab. With respect to JavaScript, this improves load time performance because the size of the file downloaded is often significantly reduced. Two popular tools for minifying JavaScript code are JSMin and YUI Compressor. Many tools also minify CSS, learn more at

Help with JavaScript Compression

Want to enjoy the benefit of faster page loads but confused on how exactly to minimize your JavaScript? No Problem - Have a Streamlined Fusion Certified Web Programmer do it for you; after all, it only costs $35 bucks. Learn more here.

While we can't support all requests, we try our best to make sure everyone enjoys the benefits of minification. Visit this page for additional JavaScript compressor help.

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